Terms and Conditions

1. Definition 

1.1. Taxi Dubrovnik – Radulovic Ltd  ("we" as "Transfer provider company") is a transport company whose registered office is Bartola Kasica 7, 20236 Nova Mokosica, Croatia under the registered company Radulovic d.o.o.. phone number: 00 385 (0) 98 725 769 and e-mail: info@radulovic.hr. "You" and "your" means any individual or other business who places their booking with us.

1.2. Before making a reservation, you must read, understand and accept Terms and Conditions. If you don’t understand Terms and Conditions, we strongly recommend that you contact our Customer Support Service, available via email address or via telephone numbers indicated in Contact section. This website is translated into several languages. The official version of the website is in English. In case of discrepancy between the original and translated version, English version is to be considered as relevant.

1.3. Reservations are made online using our booking service.

1.4. Journey can be One-way or the Return.

2. Types of Transfer

2.1. Private transfer: Private transfers are provided with sedan, minivan and minibus.
Passengers will be met at a Pickup point by a driver holding a name board with passenger’s name on it. The driver will drive the passenger to a desired Drop-off address or to the nearest possible location accessible by car. Transfer prices are per vehicle.

2.1. Custom Transfer: For destinations not listed or special vehicle types or multi-stop transfers etc. a customer can order a Custom Transfer.
Custom Transfer can be ordered by telephone or email.

3. Online Booking Procedure

3.1. A person who wants to make a reservation must be over 18

3.2.  Reservation is carried out online, by filling all the necessary forms.

3.3. Reservation must be made at least 24 hours before the start of the transfer. As an exception, transfer can be booked within 24 hours, but you have to contact us and get an e-mail approval first.
3.4. A person who enters the data is responsible for their validity. The Transfer provider company does not bear any responsibility for wrongly entered or untrue information.

3.5. A person who enters the data for the group accepts the terms in the name of the whole group, and is responsible for the whole group.

3.6. Transfer provider company does not have to accept a reservation. If the reservation is accepted, the customer will receive an e-mail confirmation.

3.7. It is customer's responsability to review the Confirmation and immediately report any errors or faults to our Customer Service in written form, preferably by email. 

4. Booking Changes and Cancellations

4.1. Customer may change reservation details at any time. No extra fees for this.

4.2. Customer may cancel reservation at any time. No cancelations  fees, but we will appreciate to be noticed for cancelation on time.  

5. Safety Issues  

5.1. All vehicles that are used for transfers are properly inspected and ensured in accordance with the laws of the country where transfer is provided. 

5.2. Passengers insurance is included in the price of the transfer.

6. Responsibility 

6.1. Transfer provider company is required to perform all the services responsibly and professionally, in accordance with the laws of the country where services are provided. 

6.2. Transfer provider company is not responsible for delays in the arrival or departure caused by unforeseeable circumstances, such as traffic crowds, extremely poor weather conditions, floods, storms, fires and so on (force major), and is not required to indemnify passengers.

6.3. In case that client is not able to establish contact with our driver at the agreed place in the agreed time, client is required to contact our call-center as soon as possible at +385 91 33 22 022, where he will receive further instructions. Keep a note of our number. 

6.4. In case that a client is delayed for any reason, client is required to contact first the driver our call-center as soon as possible at +385 91 33 22 022, where he will receive further instructions. Keep a note of our number.

6.5. Transfer provider company cannot guarantee the exact travel time of the transfer. All data regarding travel times are just an estimate. Clients who continue to travel by other means of transport should leave enough time between the end of the transfer and the departure time of another means of transport.

6.6. In case that selected type of vehicle is not available for any reason, Transfer provider company can perform the transfer using another appropriate vehicle.

6.7. Transfer provider company is required to consider all complaints and make a decision on them within 30 days.

6.8. All issues will be attempted to resolve by an agreement out of court.

6.9. All the disputes will be presented before a Court in Croatia.

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